engaging fans

Quick quiz: what percent of purchasing decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth advertising?  

If you guessed 50%, you're on the money. Which leads us to the power of Twitter, not just before but during an event. Kristi Hines, writing for ticketingtoday.com, offers four quick ways to use Twitter to engage fans while the game is underway:  


Always looking for new ways to engage fans, via video?  

We turn, for a moment, to the world of music for five solid (and easy-to-execute) ideas. In the recommendations below, where you see the word “tour,” think “road trip," where it says "favorite songs," think highlight reels, and when they mention videotaping your home, why of course they mean the locker room. You get the idea. The recommendations below are drawn from a piece at sdjmusicmarketing.wordpress.com. 


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