As the average age of sports fans creeps North (a persistent worry for the nation’s heralded sports), it’s worth a look at the numbers. The take-away, of course, is that consistent efforts will continue to bring young fans into the sport. Some noteworthy stats: 

Average fan age: 
•    NBA: 37 years old (holding steady over the last decade)
•    NFL: 45 years old
•    MLB: 53 years old (it was 44 years old in 1991)
•    NHL: 42 years old
•    MLS: 37 years old

Among young adults – which sport is most popular?
•    Football: 32%
•    Soccer: 13%
•    Basketball: 10%
•    Baseball: 7%

And fantasy sports? The Fantasy Sports Trade Association reported that there were over 41 million fantasy sports players in the U.S. last year, with football the most popular. Here’s the sport-by-sport breakdown, based on FSTA data from three years ago: 
•    Football: 72%
•    Baseball: 37%
•    Auto Racing: 24%
•    Basketball: 20%
•    Golf: 13%
•    College football: 13%
•    Hockey: 12%
•    Soccer: 7%

Data sources include: ESPN, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Huffington Post,, FTSA

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